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Tuesday Talk Series "Session XXVth"

Tuesday Talk Series - " Session XXVth"

On 10th September, 2013, at its campus

Key Resource Person - Deepshika Aggarwal, Associate Professor, JIMS

Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Sector 5, Rohini, New Delhi organized “TUESDAY TALK SERIES – XXVth” on Tuesday, 10th September, 2013 at its campus. The continuous faculty interaction programme was an initiative by the faculty members to present their research papers or any other similar activity with JIMS fraternity. The resource person for the presentation was Ms. Deepshikha Aggarwal (Associate Professor) JIMS.

The JIMS faculty and other staff members from various departments attended the presentation. 

Ms Deepshikha presented the paper on “Improving the Quality of Data Warehouse through data cleansing” and provided the subject knowledge of data warehouse with its attributes such as subject oriented, non-volatile, time variant and integrated. She mentioned that data warehouse is organized around subjects such as sales, product, consumer etc. It focuses on modeling and analysis of data for decision makers. Also, data processing is applied to ensure consistency.

She also mentioned that Data Cleansing is done before sending it to the warehouse. The discussion led in the form of a technical discussion where also the four attributes of quality data were mentioned i.e. Accurate, Timely, Completeness and Flexibility. She further defined the meaning of data warehouse cleansing i.e. typical data cleansing, correcting data entry errors, deleting garbage records, combining or deleting duplicates and updating and applying code sets.

Lastly, the steps in data cleansing were mentioned i.e. Parsing, Correcting, Standardizing, Matching and Consolidating.