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Faculty Talk by Mr. Mohit Mathur

Mr. Mohit Mathur presented a research paper titled “Software Defined Cloud micro Data centres an Effort towards Reduction in latency of cloud traffic Delivery”. He explained that in demand to growing traffic of cloud and other web services the vendors are offering several alternatives for  timely delivering the traffic. The paper aims to amass reasons and complexity of delays in regard to end to end delivery of cloud traffic. It further focuses on existing solutions its limitations. The findings of the varying latency suggest that most of the delays are caused due to distance covered by the packet throughout its journey. Hence the solution suggested  is Software Defined Micro cloud data (SDCmDC) centers distributed throughout the world at different geographical areas instead of having a centralized mega data centers. These micro data centers will be interconnected to each other and will carry data local to their geographical location.
JIMS Rohini Faculty Talk by Mr. Mohit Mathur
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