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Workshop on Elevate–Team Building Program

PGDM department organised a workshop on “Elevate–Team Building Program” on 9th July 2019 in College Auditorium. Nobody is as smart as all of us; this was hence proved when Mr Yuvraj Shekhawat, Learning & Development Specialist of Pristine Xperia Pvt Ltd and Mr Krishan Deshwal, Facilitator of Pristine Xperia Pvt Ltd started the activity session having participants stand in a circle, facing inward and holding hands challenged the whole group to “turn the circle inside out” without letting go of anyone’s hands. To find the solution everyone worked together cooperatively. We could only get into our initial positions. When all of us worked as a team furthermore the batch of 54 was divided into three equal teams with one leader to each team. The leaders were given to instruct their teams with around 10 activities and a time limit of 20 minutes to each team. The students were thereby asked to name our teams, draw our major interests and goals for our country and represent the same with a war cry following the march past. The last activity was a blindfold game wherein students were supposed to cross the hurdles guided by the leader while other people kept on distracting them. The main motive of this activity was to direct students that “Beware of the snakes” i.e. no matter how much people distracts you from goals you must listen to people who are standing by you crossing those hurdles. In the end students were given an evaluation form of what they learnt and what all one needs to improve in oneself. The activity was concluded with a group picture and gave lessons for life that a group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself to praise the skills of others and grow together.

JIMS Rohini organised a workshop on Elevate–Team Building Program
JIMS Rohini

JIMS Rohini Workshop
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