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Faculty attended the FDP on ‘Contemporary Teaching Learning Androgogies in B-Schools’ at MDI, Gurgaon

Faculty members from JIMS, Rohini namely- Dr. Sumesh Raizada, Dr. Neelam Dhall, Dr. Bhavneet Kaur and Ms. Shivani Wadhwa attended the three day faculty development programme(FDP) on ‘Contemporary Teaching Learning Androgogies in B-Schools’ held at MDI, Gurgaon from 5th-7thJune, 2019.

First Day (5th June’2019)
The programme began with a brief introduction round of the participants followed by the first session on ‘Story Telling as a Teaching Methodology’ which was conducted by Dr. Ritu Srivastava, Assistant Professor Marketing, MDI. During the session, she discussed at length about storytelling as a powerful learning tool and how it helps in overcoming the challenges of classroom teaching. She underlined that in storytelling, every faculty has to act as a director and has to take along the students through the story frame by frame. She added that every student may have a different frame, as a faculty one has to bring them closer to some common frames based on the context. Therefore, critical skill of the faculty lies in moulding the frame of students in the direction of learning.

JIMS, Rohini Faculty attended the FDP on ‘Contemporary Teaching Learning Androgogies in B-Schools’ at MDI, Gurgaon
JIMS Rohini

Dr. Neera Jain, Professor, Business Communication, MDI led the session on ‘Theatre Technique as a teaching method’ wherein she talked about the role of drama/theatre in imparting learning to students. She also explained how this creative technique helps the learner experience an intensified appreciation of the world around them and of all the possibilities it contains. All through the session, she made use of various role plays and activities to emphasize the impact of non-verbal communication with focus on paralanguage, kinesics and proxemics in teaching. 

PGDM JIMS Rohini, Delhi

Second Day (6th June’2019)
On day two, the session on ‘Outbound’ was taken by Dr. Daisy Chauhan, Associate Professor, MDI. As part of this session, she conducted different management games and imparted management lessons based on performance outcomes of different teams. These activities had implications for various management disciplines primarily focussing on team building, coordination among team members, communication and emotional intelligence.

JIMS Rohini Delhi

Dr. Maninder Singh Khalsa from LearnBiz led the session on ‘Business Simulation as pedagogy to enhance learning’. After giving brief information on the simulation technique, he gave a live demonstration by creating different business teams which competed against each other in a simulated business environment. In addition, he also gave hands-on experience of domain specific simulations to the participants. He emphasized that simulation labs can be used as a very effective teaching tool by the faculty. 

Third Day (7th June’2019)
On day three, the session on ‘Technology Enabled Classroom/Blended Learning’ was conducted by Dr. P.C. Biswal, Professor, MDI. As part of this session, he discussed the concept of blended learning as an interactive teaching methodology where the appropriate usage of multimedia technology makes the learning more meaningful to the technology-savvy students. Later, he explained the prevalent tools that can be used to incorporate this methodology and also gave live demonstration of some of these tools to help participants learn and practice. 

PGDM-RM JIMS Rohini, Delhi 110085

The session on ‘Case Method and Innovations in Case Teaching’ was conducted by Dr. Nakul Gupta, Assistant Professor, MDI wherein he explained the characteristics of a good case and highlighted the do’s and don’ts of case writing. He also discussed and showed live display of different innovations that can be used while teaching a case. He concluded the session by demonstrating the use of virtual reality for enhancing the classroom experience for students.
Overall, the FDP was highly appreciated by the faculty members as it has helped them to gain an awareness and understanding about the contemporary teaching androgogies and their application in order to facilitate learning.