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Tuesday Talk by Ms Suman Madan and Ms. Aakansha Chopra

Tuesday Talk was scheduled on 23rd April, 2019 by Ms Suman Madan, Assistant Professor on topic “A Privacy Preserving Scheme for Big data Publishing in the Cloud using k-Anonymization and Hybridized Optimization Algorithm”. She discussed about one of the emerging research areas in the recent years is big data which is enormous data flow in various fields, like Business, hospitals, government records, social sites, etc. In this regard, cloud computing has drawn significant importance as the user can transfer huge volume of data through the servers. Hence, it is necessary to protect the data so that the third party cannot access the information provided by the cloud users. The talk explained and introduced the k-anonymization model for privacy preservation in the cloud. The proposed architecture based on nature-inspired algorithms - Dragonfly Algorithm (DA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm was explained along with the fitness function definition for the proposed Dragon-PSO algorithm attaining high value for privacy and utility. 

JIMS Rohini Tuesday Talk by Ms Suman Madan and Ms. Aakansha Chopra
JIMS Rohini

Second topic was presented by Ms. Aakansha Chopra, Assistant Professor on “Subsequent Reliable Technique for Cells Data - Graphical Password.” She explained that the proposed concept is related to usage of graphical password technique for authentication. This authentication technique will help the organizations in keeping intruders far away from important data access. This technique creates a unique graphical picture representation which helps user to be more secured from all old and new password attacks for desktop, laptops, mobiles, networks etc. The proposed technique could not be stolen or compromised since the user will be drawing it at the point of time. It would be promising, reliable and safe approach for the mammoth of cells data.

JIMS Rohini, Delhi

JIMS Rohini Delhi