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HR Club Samanvay Organised Theatrics in HR

‘Samanvay–The HR Club’ at JIMS organised yet another interesting & much talked about activity titled ‘Theatrics in HR’ for PGDM(2018-20) batch on 4thApril’2019 under the guidance of Dr. Neelam Dhall. Total ten teams participated in the event across PGDM, PGDM(IB) and PGDM(RM) verticals. Participating teams brilliantly embraced & showcased diverse aspects of HR in corporate settings through their theatrical presentations. The performances were based on some really thought-provoking HR themes such as ‘common errors during recruitment’, ‘onboarding–expectations & reality’, ‘work environment’, ‘industrial disputes’, ‘implications of biased HR’, ‘appraisal interviews’, ‘group behaviour’, ‘sexual harassment at workplace’, ‘corporate world without HR’, ‘stereotypes linked with HR’, ‘HR during recession’ and ‘staff behaviour reflecting corporate culture’.

Jims Rohini HR Club Samanvay Organised Theatrics in HR
JIMS Rohini

A panel comprising of two faculty members namely-Prof. S.C. Kapoor and Dr. Neelam Dhall judged the event. The teams were evaluated on three broad criterion namely- skit enactment, powerpoint and video presentation. Theatrical presentation on ‘sexual harassment at workplace’ won the first prize for their outstanding performance and was awarded a cash prize of Rs.2500/-. Second prize of Rs.1500/- was given to the team that performed on ‘corporate world without HR’. Third position was a tie between two team performances, namely-‘industrial disputes’ and ‘work environment’; a cash prize of Rs.1000/- was presented to both the teams. The event was indeed a theatrical delight as the spectacular performances, interesting themes and witty dialogues all through the activity left the audience spellbound asking for more. Overall, the activity was thoroughly enjoyed by the budding managers at JIMS as they gained lot of insights on HR through some amazing theatrical performances.

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