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Session on Preparatory tips to crack an interview

JIMS organized a pre placement session for PGDM batch (2017-19) students on the topic “Preparatory tips to crack an interview” on 1st December 2018 by Ms. Anisha Gupta, Associate –Career Development, Boston Consulting group. Session was all about latest trends in Human Resource(HR) and the tactics used by interviewer to find out suitable candidates and the smart moves a candidate can take to answer according to the situation.

JIMS Rohini Organised session on Preparatory tips to crack an interview
JIMS Rohini PGDM Students

The speaker also conducted mock interviews of students to help them come out of interview fear and. Prepare them with answers After mock interviews, she also guided the students in writing emails, short passages, abstracts etc.  

Overall the session was highly informative and interesting. Her continuous effort to create interest and motivation was highly appreciable.   

JIMS Rohini, Delhi
PGDM students at JIMS
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