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Understanding the GOOGLY in facing behaviourally anchored interview

JIMS, organized Guest Lecture - Understanding the GOOGLY  in facing behaviourally anchored    interview. Today , the corporate has evolved its new patterns to assess the suitability of its prospective employee, also through the stated  technique . More often than not many aspirants fail to understand the gamut thereof and often miss the chance of landing to the aspired  Corporate . Corporate is very clear  on  as to its requirements  for the EMPLOYEES best suited to   the job , culture and market challenges   so they also apply this strategy in INTERVIEWS, ensuring that candidate reveals what he/she often tries to conceal . This calls for a smart focus on INTENTION ,CONTENTION , PRETENSION TO INVENTION to be able to perform 

JIMS HR club SAMANVY  members,  after doing some smart home work on the nuances and intricacy of the visible CHALLENGE with proactive interaction with alumni worked out on the “WHY” of the concept  and finally organised the workshop under the mentorship of Prof. S C Kapoor  on 17th March,2018 in the Auditorium 2nd building . The workshop was open for all verticals of PGDM programs.  Focus point of the workshop was to give live exposure to  the students on the intentions of the interviewer to pose the querry ,apply mind on best contentions, reply balancing to the context and remain active in the race to ensure safe landing in the Corporate . 

Students were given briefing on typical querries sought by the corporate and the traps ,the budding managers are often caught guessing. Four students were picked up to have a live exposure in the process through a live show. The participants ,Mr. Gaurav Maurya, Ankur Bhardwaj , Aditya Kumar and Aman Sharma had the opportunity to undergo the process of this specially designed interview. To ensure fair play Prof. Kapoor was assisted by our Mr. Arnab Ghosh GM, CRMC.

The participants were given feedback on specific areas to work on to improve and match the expected standard . The students were really excited with this live exercise and the audience LEARNERS on the other side strongly expressed to organise such workshop on regular basis . The best part of the whole workshop was that stress and the seriousness on the face of participants was quite pronounced .Students were counselled on how to address the typical situation . The participants were appreciated and the organising team commended for their untiring efforts . 

JIMS, Rohini Sector-5 Delhi PGDM