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Deep Transformation – Time for Funky Basics

Faculty Development Programme

“Deep Transformation – Time for Funky Basics”

JIMS Sector 5 organized a Faculty Development Programme by consultant, executive coach, conference facilitator/moderator, trainer and speaker Anil Joshi on 12th April 2010. Mr. Joshi was given a warm welcome by Ms Neelam Dhall and Ms. Dilpreet Kaur (faculty JIMS Sector 5). The FDP was well attended by 20 faculty members of the JIMS fraternity.

Mr. Anil Joshi is the founder of ITIDA International and has worked in 20 countries across 3 continents. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium enterprises. Mr. Joshi shared his findings, critical notes and opinions with the faculty on what he termed as ‘Deep Transformation – a backpack for your journey’. His key messages were in the areas of strategy, value chain management, talent management and leadership. Through this FDP he tried to answer questions like, are companies really serious about a sustainable future? Do they have the funky basics for deep transformation? What are executives doing to turn around their companies? What are they doing about their strategies, value chains, talent development and leadership?

After an interactive and informative session, Dr. Shikha N. Khera proposed the vote of thanks and presented Mr. Joshi with a memento and a present. Networking tea put the session to a happy end.

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