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Motivational Session By Mr. Hitesh Ramchandani

It was a great experience to have such an  inspiring session organized by JIMS on 12th Feb 2018 for PGDM (2017-19)Batch , where we learned some valuable life lessons by our speaker Mr Hitesh { who is currently the global icon for us}.

He proved himself in all phases of life , where he made us aware about all his struggles , which he faced from his birth itself , till now.

He is suffering from CEREBRAL PALSY due to the doctor’s irresponsibility during his birth where he wasn’t able to breathe for 90 seconds & after being declared dead by doctor, but he survived!

JIMS Organized a Motivational Session By Mr. Hitesh Ramchandani
JIMS, Rohini Sector-5 Delhi PGDM

He told us about all his achievements in life that he earned it and how he overcame his obstacles and became better than normal. CEREBRAL PALSY is a neurological disorder which affects the person’s mental as well as physical development ; despite that he is the writer of one of the best selling novel named ‘BETTER THAN NORMAL’ , along with this he is a global speaker where he actively inspires people to live  life positively, he also loves to be fit and all his achievements actually prove that he is better than normal.

He addressed students to become successful by giving us certain tips on life- he talked about   ALTERING THE ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE.

He also motivated each one of us to be the champion of our life by becoming ‘BETTER THAN NORMAL’

Surely, this session enlighted us to  focus on our goals rather than keeping ourselves in the comfort zone & work towards betterment in life . 

JIMS PGDM Students
PGDM JIMS Rohini Sector-5 Delhi