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Corporate Data Mining with PASW SPSS

Faculty Development Programme On

“Corporate Data Mining with PASW SPSS”

Resource Person: Dr. Prabhat Mittal

JIMS organized one day Faculty Development Program on Corporate Data Mining with PASW SPSS on 20th November, 2010. The programme was commenced with the welcome speech of Dr. J.K. Goyal, Director, JIMS. It was attended by 25 faculty members.

FDP was conducted by Dr. Prabhat Mittal, Professor, University of Delhi. Dr. Mittal emphasized on the data analytical capabilities of the faculties, which will enable them to guide/lead research projects. The programme was organized with the objective of introducing data mining concepts, information retrieval from SPSS and its basic operations, descriptive analysis, cross tabs, producing and interpreting bar graphs, pie graphs, histograms, displaying the distribution of variables, and interactive case study with survey analysis.

All the faculty members gave excellent feedback for the programme, as the teaching style and methods shared by Dr. Mittal really enhanced their knowledge in such a topic like Corporate Data Mining with PASW SPSS.

Dr. Madan Mohan, Dean, JIMS expressed his deep sense of gratitude to Dr. Mittal on behalf of JIMS for such an illuminating session.

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