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JIMS Retail Club Creador organized Cobra De Escada- Rolling for Brands

The Retail Club of JIMS ‘Creador’ organized an activity 'Cobra De Escada - Rolling for Brands' on 30th August, 2017 for PGDM, PGDM-International Business and PGDM-Retail Management students. It was a fun and learning based activity which was organised to judge the general awareness of the students. The snakes and ladders was also played simultaneously to keep students thrilled throughout the game.

JIMS The Retail Club of JIMS Creador organized an activity Cobra De Escada - Rolling for Brands
PGDM-RM JIMS, Rohini Sector-5 Delhi

10 teams registered themselves to participate in competition and each team comprised of five members. The activity consisted of three rounds; ‘Guess the Brand & Logo’, ‘Identify the Movie’ and ‘Identify the Punch lines & Taglines’. Every round in the activity was the elimination round. Students in audience were highly enthusiastic. Multiple audience rounds were conducted during the game. The audience was asked to answer various questions to check their general awareness and on giving the correct answer, students were rewarded with chocolates.

Retail Club of JIMS, Rohini Sector-5 Delhi

Three winning teams were awarded with prizes and certificates by Dr. Deepika Saxena (HOD-PGDM Retail Management).

The Winners were:-

Akshay Abhishek (PGDM-RM)

Sakshi Jain (PGDM-RM)

Harshit Kumar (PGDM)

Eshan Gupta (PGDM-RM)

Anam Moonis (PGDM-IB)

First Runner Up:- 

Tavleen (PGDM-RM) 

Divyani Sachdeva (PGDM-RM)

Nancy Choraria (PGDM-IB)

Vikas Yadav (PGDM-RM)

Shashank Gupta (PGDM)

Second Runner Up:- 

Anshu Yadav (PGDM-IB)

Diwakar Sharma (PGDM-RM)

Shubham Jain (PGDM-RM)

Khusbu Jain (PGDM-RM) 

Priyanka Awasthi (PGDM-RM)

Cobra De Escada - Rolling for Brands JIMS PGDM-RM Students
PGDM Retail JIMS, Rohini Sector-5 Delhi