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Union Budget 2017: An Analysis

InvestoFin – Finance Club of JIMS organized a session on “Union Budget 2017: An Analysis” for the students of PGDM. The session was conducted by Mr. M.A. Mateen, Sr. Vice President (F&A) and CAE, Berger Paints Ltd.-British Paints Division. The session aimed at providing an understanding of the Union Budget and providing an insight on its major proposals, its impact on Indian economy and various sectors.    

JIMS MCA students
Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS), Rohini Sector-5

The session started with a brief introduction on the health of the economy and the implementation of the Union budget 2017. The session also focused on the Govt’s. move of demonetization and its impact on the economy. The session moved towards discussion on various proposals and fund allocation announced by the Finance Minister and their impact on the respective sectors. The discussion was done on the change in direct and indirect tax proposals and its impact on the economy. The expected impact of the budget on corporate sector has also been discussed. The impact of the budget has been expected in various aspects such as increase in rural employment and urban consumption, digital economy, capital formation, decline in interest rates and skill development. The infrastructure and investment may have multiplier effect on the economy including employment. The discussion was also done on various challenges which the government may face such as implementation of the proposed plans, private sector investment, GST implementation, banking sector asset quality, impact of protectionism and widening of tax net/collection.

Students were enthusiastic in asking queries during the session related to Union budget and GST. Overall, the event was very well appreciated by all students and faculty members.

PGDM Students JIMS, Rohini
PGDM JIMS, Rohini Sector-5 Delhi
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