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NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets

InvestoFin - Finance Club of JIMS organised a session on “NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets” on 24th November 2016, for the students of PGDM and PGDM-IB. The session was organized for students who are planning to opt for finance as their major or minor specialization. The session was conducted by Mr. Kunal Tyagi,  Assistant Manager Business Development, National Stock Exchange. It aimed at providing insight on the capital market and relevance of the NCFM Exam. 75 students registered themselves two days prior to the session and showed active participation.

The session started with a brief introduction on the setup of National Stock Exchange and evolution of Demat System in India from physical markets which prevailed in 1992. Then the discussion moved on to different types of financial markets and the parties involved in the stock exchange transactions. Later on, practical illustration of trading window was shown to explain how the whole trading transaction executes. In later part of the session, discussion was done on NSE’s certification in financial markets and its benefits for the students. This certification adds value to the students’ profile who aspire to flourish in the fields of finance and marketing of financial products/services. It also aims in enabling students to demonstrate their knowledge in relation to financial markets, which improves their chances of getting employed in the area of finance and getting equipped for a career in 21st century. Students were enthusiastic in asking queries during the session related to capital market and NCFM certification.

Overall, the event was very well appreciated by all students and faculty members.

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