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On October 19, 2016 An Event Organised by Karmbhoomi took place at JIMS Rohini

Karmbhoomi is a youth movement with VISION 2020. The sole purpose of Karmbhoomi Movement is to create leaders; icons who can inspire the youth to follow a path of self-improvement and decision making by the year 2020. 
It is a TV series Karmbhoomi being telecast on Bindaas channel every Sunday at 10.30pm.The Television Series has a motive towards youth to enhance and realize their values and responsibilities.  

It follows the lives of the students of the fictional university i.e. Karmbhoomi University. 

JIMS Rohini

This university’s philosophy is an amalgamation of principles of the Bhagwad Geeta’s Karmyoga and Swami Vivekanand’s teachings on youth and karma wherein focus is on learning work ethics, life skills and innovations. 

The series has six main protagonists who believe in changing the world.

Ojaswini Gul as Anukriti Singh – 

Guncha Dwivedi as Kiara Oberoi. 

Jasvinder Singh as Kartik Kapoor 

Varnikaa Aurora as Ria Malhotra 

Parth Sharma as Gautam Hooda 

Rahul Chaudhary as Rajveer Chauhan 

These six leading actors have been training in not just acting but also self development, where they are working to become real life leaders, each working on a social cause.

“Today youngsters have a common goal; to become rich, powerful and famous through any means necessary, without bothering about rules and ethics. The Karmbhoomi movement aims to create leaders who would inspire the youth to create more leaders and generate consciousness of each action being taken by them.” This was said by Ms Kanu Priya, Executive Director and Producer of the show, (Founder CEO, Gul Guncha Arts & GSMC Acting Academy.) 
All these actors have been mentored by Ms.Kanu Priya, personally under her Acting Academy: GSMC – Acting Academy.

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