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There was a workshop on 9th July 2016, for PGDM first year students.  The topic of the session was "BUILDING FOUNDATIONS FOR CORPORATE ENCOUNTER". JIMS organized Guest Lecture by Professor Subhash Chand Kapoor, who holds an honours degree in English Literature with a post graduate degree in Behavioural science with specialization in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations from the University of Delhi. He also holds a Diploma in Training and development from ISTD and Diploma in Personnel management and Labour Law from the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. He has over 34 years of experience at the Corporate, consulting and innovative mix of academics. Subhash Kapoor is presently associated with Third Millennium Business Resource Associates Private Limited as Executive Director.  He has been involved in providing consulting in major management areas of Human Resource and Industrial Relations with special focus on HRD including Human Resource Policies, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Appraisal Systems, Compensation and Benefits, Attitude, Morale and Motivational studies, etc.

PGDM programme JIMS Rohini

He shared information regarding the corporate culture by showing the gist of corporate culture movie. He also discussed about the functioning of corporate culture and how things work. 

“Ek zazba hai ek nai soch ka, chalo dhunde rasta ek nai soch ka”.

Such is the thinking of HR professor, the most enigmatic, diverse and knowledgeable Mr. Kapoor, in the guidance of whom students got the opportunity to attend the HR workshop. He always says observe what you do, where you go. Act to it but don’t react to it. Respond but don’t despond. The mantra is survival, arrival but not departure. Mr. Kapoor made the session very interactive, interesting and participating. He not just inspired students with his real life experiences, taught them management with tales also gave everyone a platform to present themselves. He believes in coming out of the comfort zone and proves yourself and hence, he provided the PGDM students, a pedestal to make use of their minds, explore, come out, share and learn. This way of teaching management was a new and enlightened experience for one and all. He showed that the best knowledge is gained from sharing and learning from other’s mistakes also. Various clipping and pictures were shown which probed the students to create scenarios beyond the obvious. It was a fun and learns session. The students who performed were rewarded as a means of positive motivation. This act of sir was very considerate because acknowledging people for their good work in front of others is something only that person can do who knows the value of true talent. And that is what sir aspires to do every time- discovering and nurturing talent. Various make-believe scenarios were created and questions were asked, to which people gave answers according to their intelligence. It helped inn knowing facts beyond our thinking. When different ideas are clubbed together, it becomes more interesting and easy to process. Similarly, with so many genius minds and their ideas related to questions proved very useful. The two hours of this workshop gave students a new vision and a different way to understand a management. Taking care of the comfort level of students from non -commerce background, sir has really made the session one terrific achievement. 

workshop by Professor Subhash Chand Kapoor
PGDM 2016-2018 students

The session was interactive, learning and helped students to enhance their knowledge regarding Cooperate Management.

Students were very enthusiastic and energetic throughout the session.

PGDM 2016-2018 JIMS Rohini Delhi
HR workshop at JIMS Rohini Campus

students and guests at JIMS Rohini Delhi
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