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Rapid on Boarding- Workshop for PGDM-RM(2015-17)

A Workshop on management skills ‘Rapid on Boarding’ was organized for PGDM-RM (2015-17) on 29th July 2015. The workshop was conducted by Mr Vivekanand Vivek. He is a well-known motivator, educator,trainer and guide and elevates the defeated minds through his magical speeches.He has been awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Ekta Samman in the field of education and training in the year 2010

Business in the world over is struggling to sustain competitiveness in a rapidly globalizing economy. Information Technology is bringing revolutionary changes inside and outside an organization. If we want to excel in any field, we need to change accordingly. New behavior is possible and can be learnt. The pressures for improved performance which organizations are encouraging in today’s time compel a sharper focus on the human side of organizations.  Students must learn to be a team player and have effective interpersonal skills. They need to display team spirit.  Reward systems are also being designed to give due weight to one’s team contribution.Students were shown tips to handle stress effectively and remain motivated during hard times. Every student should hone the above skills so that he performs well as a student and later as a professional. 

The session covered various aspects of time management, self discipline, team building and other organisational skills.

Rapid on Boarding for PGDM-RM  PGDM-RM JIMS Rohini

“Sometimes we end up attending lectures that breaks our perception. The lecture by Mr. Vivekanand Vivek was one of such lectures that break the cliché of motivational lectures. Every passing moment our interest towards the speaker was building more and more.” Akash Moshal, student PGDM-RM (2015-17)

“The lecture was not about to teach us something new, it was about , to know things , understand things and feel things because most of the time we know something but we don’t understand them ,and if we understand them, we don’t feel them . The lecture inspired and motivated us in a more profound way” Avi Sharma, student PGDM-RM(2015-17)

The session was organised by Retail Department of JIMS

PGDM RM JIMS Rohini Delhi  JIMS Organized workshop on Rapid on Boarding