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Industrial Visit Times of India, Sahibabad

An Industrial visit to The Times of India took place on November 26, 2014. The Times of India, India's largest English-language daily newspaper , which belongs to the renowned media group Bennet, Coleman & Co. Ltd. , was established in 1838 under the name Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce has till date maintained its position as the largest English-language daily.  With 15 printing centers across the country, it produces more than 5 million copies daily.

Initially a briefing as to the entire visit was given, which included a short introduction of what Times of India is and the various supplements that they produce.Students were divided in two groups for the tour.Mr. Suresh Bhandari was giving us the press tour.

There students were showed the machine area and the dispatch area, where about 200-300 vehicles are parked to take the newspapers for delivery to various different places. 

Further, students learned that it takes a maximum of  6-7 mins to change the plates and for this purpose a company from outside is hired. There are about 7 lac copies per edition per day that are printed and that 2pm is time by which all newspaper articles are set to print. So, there are different measures used in case there is some breaking news.

Lastly, students saw the newspapers being printed and how bundles are packaged for delivery. There were some accepted papers and a few rejected ones which were manually taken care of because of low image quality or some low ink visibility. Also, students saw the huge bundles of paper which were used for printing after being properly cut.

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