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Industrial Visit Bislari Plant at Sahibabad

On 20th Jan, 2015, students of PGDM course of 2014-16 batch had the opportunity to visit Bisleri plant near Kosambi Metro station, East Delhi. The whole industrial visit was divided into 3 sections - Presentation, Plant visit and Q&A session. After completion of all the formalities, students were allowed to sit in the Presentation room where a presentation about the company and its journey in improving the packaged drinking water was shown. In fact, Bisleri is the only company which is supplying water through Double Ozonisation process in order to give water its purest essence.

Water purification goes through multiple steps and then stored in a large tanks. Then they are distributed to the various places through PET bottles, thus helping in protecting the environmental resources. Bisleri pays the rage pikers to collect the empty bottles and crush them to powder. This waste powder is used again in making or decorating other products like bags. Apart from this, other CSR activities includes Rain Water harvesting, Well recharge, Discharge of chemical wastes into its decomposed form etc.

Later students were taken for a factory visit in two groups guided by their respective guides of the plant. The whole process was shown i.e manufacturing of PET bottles from pocket size PET tubes and then giving them proper shape as per the standards, all through machines, then through channelised process, purified water is pored into the bottles, packed and labelled, and laser-tested before  distribution; all through machines. These are finally packed and kept ready for the distribution.

Visit was then followed by Q&A session and the students asked various question and cleared their doubts. Students were greeted through refreshments and ended on a positive note with many learnings.