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JIMS Rohini Organized Open House Discussion

Objective of the contest:

The Open House Discussion is a forum for understanding people’s concerns and discussing issues, as well as opportunities for follow up or feedback. The objective of an open house discussion typically revolves around fostering open communication, sharing information, gathering feedback

Learning Outcomes:

Gaining broad, multi-faceted knowledge cutting across several disciplines outside the learner's regular academic subjects. Increasing learners' confidence, poise, and self-esteem.

The Academic Club organized the Open House Discussion on 29th April 2024. The event comprised two rounds. In the 1st round, a Group Discussion was conducted on the topic “Legalization Of Marijuana In India? ” Eight students participated in this round and spoke about the NDPS Act of Indian government. As per the act “the cultivation, possession, sale, purchase, transport, warehousing, use, consumption, inter-state, import, export, and import into India of cannabis in any form are prohibited, except for medical and scientific purposes”. After a long discussion of around forty minutes, the participants came with a mixed opinion about the Legalization Of Marijuana In India.

In the second round, every participant got the opportunity to share their individual opinion about the topic. Each participant spoke about 10 minutes on the topic, the opinions of participants are mentioned below :-

For the Motion:

Some of the students discussed that Legalizing marijuana could create a new industry, generating tax revenue and creating jobs. This revenue could be used for public services and infrastructure development. Legalization could undermine the black market for marijuana, reducing associated crime such as illegal drug trafficking and related violence. Marijuana has been shown to have medicinal properties and can be used to treat various medical conditions such as chronic pain, epilepsy, and nausea associated with chemotherapy. Legalizing it could make these treatments more accessible to patients. By regulating the production and sale of marijuana, the government can ensure product quality and purity, reducing the risk of harm from contaminated or adulterated drugs.

Against the Motion:

Some of the students discussed against the motion and they were of the opinion that Marijuana use has been associated with various health risks, including respiratory issues, cognitive impairment, and addiction. Legalization could lead to increased use, exacerbating these health problems. Some argue that marijuana use can lead to the use of harder drugs, although research on this topic is mixed. Nevertheless, opponents of legalization fear that it could contribute to increased drug experimentation and addiction. Legalization could lead to increased availability of marijuana, making it easier for young people to access the drug. Critics are concerned about the potential impact on adolescent brain development and academic performance. Marijuana use can impair cognitive and motor skills, increasing the risk of accidents, particularly when driving. Legalization could lead to more impaired drivers on the roads, posing a risk to public safety.

The judges of the event were Dr. Geeta Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of IT and Ms. Megha Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Mgmt. The parameters of judgement were leadership qualities, logical reasoning, communication skills, latest knowledge on the subject and decision making skills.

Following students were distinguished with the positions :

  • 1st Position : Priyanshu Mehta, BCA 3rd Year, 2nd Shift.
  • 2nd Position : Arjun Vij, BCA 2nd Year, 2nd Shift.
  • 3rd Position : Hanut Singh Rathore, BBA 1st Year, 1st Shift.

The event wrapped up with awarding the winners and acknowledging the participants as well a vote of thanks extended to the faculty and the team for their efforts.

Jims Open House Discussion
Jims Open House Discussion winner

Open House Discussion
Open House Discussion Winner