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JIMS Rohini Organized ECONOPOLY

About the event: -

On 19th April 2024, the event started at 11: 00 a.m. with the first slot entering the game. First and foremost, the students were enlightened with the rules and regulation of the game. The game was played in 4 slots and it was followed by the final game round for slot winners.

Rules and Regulations: -

The game board is the centerpiece of Econopoly. It is a board where different colors will represent different Economic Sectors or Industries.

  • The game uses a unique currency - “Capital Coins”. They will represent each team’s wealth and will be used by every team for various transactions. Each player will receive a predetermined amount of capital coins as their starting wealth.
  • There are various economic related cards that differentiate Econopoly from a normal Monopoly - Property Cards, Market Cards, Investment Cards.
  • Property Cards: Property cards represent specific properties under each sector or industry. This card will display important information including property’s value, rent and sector affiliation.
  • Market Cards: Market cards will introduce various economic events and opportunities throughout the game, which will significantly impact the game’s outcome by either assisting or hindering the teams. 5. Investment Cards: Investment cards allow players to invest in different sectors or industries, potentially increasing the value and rent of their properties.
  • Participation in teams of 2 members. Game will be played in slots and the winners from each slot will compete against each other in the finale.

Objective of the event:-

The objective of the game is to build the student’s mind in critical thinking by letting them decide which properties they want to buy; what kind of investments they want to make in the role of a capitalist.

Learning outcomes: -
  • a.Playing this game will enrich a student’s business mind.
  • b.They gain valuable insights on topics such as Risk Management, Portfolio Building and the interplay of demand and supply, and last but not least trading.

Econoploy JIms
Econoploy JIMS India

JIMS Econoploy

JIMS India Econopoly Event
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