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Robotics Workshop Robotics for BCA (Both Shifts)

Information Technology department of JIMS sector 5 conducted a ROBOTICS workshop for BCA 2nd year students on 1st April 2023 (2nd Shift) & 28th April 2023 (1st Shift) in the Robotics Lab. Workshop was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Praveen Arora (Dean IPU) and conducted by the faculty members Dr. Suman Madan & Ms Bhavna Galhotra along with an engineer Mr Narendra Bhatnagar.

40 students from BCA 2nd year actively participated in the workshop. Students were divided into 3 groups and the session was conducted for 5 hrs. where everyone was enthusiastic to learn new things. Session started around 9:30 where there was the introduction about the components of the bots and also the explanation about the additional components which are to be used for the navigation and LED installations. Resource Persons gave the in depth introduction about the servo motor, registers, Basic stamp, jumper wires and LED’s with its uses. Then the students were given 40 minutes to do the installation on the basis of the steps also defines in the handouts. Once the Assembling part was completed then the faculty members started explaining the basics of coding, how to use the software with the various library files and explaining the need of the same. Then the various concepts of loop were introduced to do the navigations (move the BOE BOTS in different directions).

Students were very excited in this workshop they were curious to execute the program and move the Boe Bots to make certain shapes as well as like they moved the Boe Bots in forward direction , backward direction and also managed to make a square using the concept of the forward direction.

Later the same day, all the participants learnt how to install the LED on the BOE bots directly and also they executed the program to blink the LED using 2 different colors, they tried their hands on the working of the LED patterns as well . This session was ended using LED’s with navigation and they created different patterns where navigations are done simultaneously blinking the LED’s. Programs developed by them like creating traffic light, making square and blinking LED at every turn. After the session students gave an outstanding result in the QUIZ that was conducted. The workshop was a grand success as students were keen and excited to learn about execution of the BOE Bot’s.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini