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JIMS Organized Annual Management Seminar – Surge 2023

‘Surge’ 2K23, the Annual Management Seminar of JIMS sec 5, Rohini was held at hotel Crowne Plaza, on April 15, 2023.

The topic of the seminar this year was“Financial Literacy: A Tool to empower India’s next generation During India’s G20 Presidency”

The seminar focused on the importance of financial literacy and how it can empower the next generation of individuals to make informed financial decisions.

The occasion was graced by various industry experts who shared their personal experiences and apprised students of the latest information on the seminar’s topic.

Inaugural Ceremony

The program started with lamp lightning ceremony and Saraswati Vandana.

Following this was the launch of Management Magazine – Osmosis by Dr Parminder Bajaj – the Faculty In charge of Osmosis and the dignitaries present their on the dice .

Then the event was graced by the welcome address by the Dean followed by the director general Dr. Harshvardhan Halve’s key note speech in which he emphasised about the role of financial literacy in today's fast changing world.

The seminar was divided into two technical sessions.

Technical session 1

Speaker 1 – Mr Puneet Sethi (chief guest)

The chief guest started on a very light note throwing light upon his background and experiences then paving the way through his conversations about the basics of financial literacy and its importance in personal financial planning . He discussed about how money works, including topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, debt management, and financial planning.

All of which helps individuals make informed decisions about their money and avoid financial mistakes that can have long-term consequences.

He emphasised that By being financially literate, individuals can take control of their finances and make informed decisions about how to allocate their resources to achieve their long-term goals. They can learn how to create a budget, save for emergencies and future expenses, invest in their future, and manage debt effectively.

These skills can help people build a strong financial foundation and achieve financial stability and security.He also discussed the potential of financial literacy in promoting financial inclusion which could be a flag bearer for change.

Speaker 2 – Mr Manu Kohli

Mr Manu Kohli very interestingly and interactively focussed on the knowledge of stock markets investments. He very first grabbed audience’s attention by asking them – How many of use invest in stocks? Followed by other ques how many of you invest in Cryptocurrencies?

From there he made us realise that it is our lack of market knowledge that prevents us from investing in stocks and how important it is to gain knowledge about the market .

Furthermore, He then started by taking names of some stock market movies and discussed with the audience what movies actually portrayed and what all can we learn from them.

The movies included The BIG BULL – Harshad Mehta, Wolf of Wall Street – Leonardo DiCaprio, the big shot -Christiano Bale etc.

He then delved into the basis of stock market explaining us terms related to it, discussing the various types of trading – day, position and momentum trading.

Furthermore, he talked about derivatives wherein he focussed on futures and options.

Then also taught everyone about the alternate investment options that we have involving –Real Estates, Unlisted Shares , cryptocurrency , commodities like gold, metals etc.

Following this was a Question-and-Answer round wherein students asked the questions they had related to the topic from the speakers on the dice.

After which the speakers of first technical session were presented by mementos and gifts by our director general and dean.

The technical session 1 ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr Parminder Bajaj mam.

Technical Session 2

Speaker 1 – Rohit Gupta

Mr Rohit Gupta focused on the role of financial literacy in entrepreneurship and business management.

He discussed that financial literacy is a crucial aspect of entrepreneurship and business management. It refers to the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions and manage money effectively.

And that by Being financially literate entrepreneurs and business owners can manage their finances efficiently, make informed investment decisions, and navigate the complexities of financial markets.

He further emphasised that financial literacy becomes extremely important when starting a new business.

Since Starting a new business requires significant financial resources, and entrepreneurs need to make informed decisions about how to allocate those resources. Financial literacy can help entrepreneurs to understand the financial implications of different business decisions, such as taking on debt or raising capital, and to create effective financial plans to support their business goals.

Mr Rohit Gupta also discussed the role of financial literacy in effective business management. Business owners need to be able to analyse financial statements, monitor cash flow, and make decisions about budgeting and investing. Without a strong understanding of financial concepts and tools, business owners may struggle to make informed decisions and manage their finances effectively and achieve their business goals.

Speaker 2 – Ms Sarika Chawla

Ms Sarika Chawla very innovatively grabbed everyone’s attention by asking eight girls and boys to come near the stage for a small activity.

In The activity questions were asked about basic activities that students have learnt by certain age group. if the answer was yes then students were supposed to take one step forward while if the answer was no, students were asked to take one step back. This activity concluded with a thought and realisation that financial literacy is crucial for all the genders and everyone should imbibe this knowledge.

Mam then along with her companion Mr Sandeep Garg threw light upon Mutual Funds .

Both of them clarified the concept of Mutual funds , its structure and scheme categories.

Moreover, various categorizations of mutual funds were also discussed involving – Equity Schemes, Debt Scheme, Hybrid schemes solution oriented schemes – for children and retirement.

Then the speaker emphasised onto which scheme is suitable for whom and what actually is the power of compounding.

Following this was a Question-and-Answer Round for technical session 2.

After this all the speakers of session 2 were presented with mementos and gifts by Dr Parminder Bajaj mam.

After which Osmosis – Management Magazine and The Student Press – Monthly Management release team were awarded by the speakers for their efforts and contribution.

The seminar then ended on a positive tone with a vote of thanks by Dr Parminder Bajaj.

The seminar included interactive sessions, where participants had the opportunity to engage with the speakers and discuss their thoughts on financial literacy.

The event received excellent feedback from the attendees, who appreciated the diverse range of topics covered and the quality of the speakers.

In conclusion, the Annual Management Seminar Surge 2023 on Financial Literacy: A Tool to Empower Next Generation during India's G20 Presidency was a highly informative and engaging event that highlighted the significance of financial literacy for the future of India. The event has paved the way for further discussions and initiatives to promote financial literacy and empower the next generation of individuals.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini