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JIMS ROHINI ORGANISED Visit To The Earth Saviours Foundation.

Objective of the session:

The primary goal of the event was to help those in need. Not for sake, but for the impact.

The NSS Club of JIMS Rohini on 14’th January 2023 organized a visit to vulnerable generians in the old age home, where they feel caged and deprived of the fundamentals. Students were requested to Donate things (like old clothes, old utensils, etc.), which would be useful for such feeble generation. Each and every contribution was appreciated, students tried to do their best, in terms of value as well. All the student volunteers gathered in the campus around 08:00 am and left for The Earth Saviours Foundation Gurugram. After reaching the venue all the volunteers were given a brief introduction about the old age home, number of abandoned senior citizens and mentally disabled people who are living permanently in the shelter by the workers of the Earth Saviours Foundation, the students were then taken to meet the underprivileged where students had an interactive conversation with every resident where they poured their hearts out all the residents were so kind hearted and polite, tears welled up in the eyes of every student after listening out their life struggles.

Later on, the collected donation items were distributed and refreshments were provided by the Earth Foundation workers to all the students and faculty members. The NSS volunteers also got the opportunity to meet the existing president of The Earth Saviours Foundation Mr. Jas Kalra and he shared his journey and hurdles. The visit ended with clicking photographs. The visit left a deep impact on the conscious and hearts of each and every volunteer and faculty member. The visit was an epiphany, each one of the volunteers were determined to obdurately stand by the elders and people in need through thick and thin. The residents at the old age home motivated everyone with their their hankering hearts and unwavering hopes.