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JIMS Rohini organised BIZZMANIA

The Economics Club, E-360 organized Bizzmania. All the students from BBA, BCA, Eco Hons were part of the event for developing entrepreneurial skills in the student.

Learning Objectives:
a) Students learned marketing skills and how the market works
b) Students learned how to pitch their product.
c) Students also learnt the economics of Business Dealings
JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

About the event: -
The event commenced at 11 a.m. with Ms. Mansi Madan, Ms. Tanshi Ghai and Dr. Navneet Joshi as the judges and with anchors Manya Dhingra and Aadit Chawla. First and foremost, the students were informed about the rules and regulation of the event. The event was conducted in three rounds:

Round 1 – Participants had to choose and decide the materials and buy them from the pseudo marketplace in a span of 15 minutes.

With the start of first round all the volunteers of the club managed the market place and the participants bought all the necessary raw materials.

Round 2 - In this round 55 minutes were utilized for creating the product with unique ideas using only the raw materials purchased in round 1.

Participants made their product, keeping in mind that their budget is utilized in the best way.

Round 3 - In this round, participants presented their product in front of the judges and answered the questions put forth. Products were judged on the basis of budget utilization, creativity, utility of the product, profit maximization and unique selling point.

Altogether one team won the 1 st prize, there was a tie between two teams for 2 nd and 3 rd prize.

All the participants exhibited tremendous marketing skills.

Then event was brought to end by thanking the judges and all the participates. Overall, the event was successful under the guidance of Ms. Mansi Madan, Ms. Tanshi Ghai and Dr. Navneet Joshi, faculty club coordinators.
JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini