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JIMS Rohini organised a workshop on The power of dressing for PGDM-International Business Students

PGDM-International Business, JIMS Rohini organised a workshop on “The power of dressing” on 19th of January,2023  by Ms. Aarti Sharma who is an internationally certified image Consultant and founder of 360 Degree Image Makeover Ms Aarti is a soft skill coach and a motivational speaker.

The speaker started the session by giving brief about power of dressing and its impact on one’s personality, behaviour, and responsibility. She further elaborated the importance of dressing and its implications with 4A's of professional dressing which would surely benefits the students in the near future. Later on she went ahead with explaining the different levels of dressing which helps to know and understand how to dress up for a particular event. The second session was completely student driven in which they interacted and communicated their keenness to know some tips which would help them in their corporate life such as how much time does it actually take for a person to create a first impression for someone? Or what impact a power pose can have on your personality? 
The session was really interactive and depicts the importance of dressing for a student .You can do anything in life, if you dress for it. So, dress up for the position that you want to achieve.