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JIMS Rohini organised a Dry Port Visit for PGDM- International Business Students

A dry port visit was organised by PGDM- International Business, JIMS Rohini for the first year students to Delhi International Cargo Terminal, Sonipat on 2nd Feb 2023,Thursday.

An Inland Container Depot (ICD) is a dry port that acts as a transit point for cargo containers, providing storage and handling facilities for containers before they are loaded onto or unloaded from trucks or trains for further transportation. The ICD in Sonipat, India is a dry port that plays a vital role in the country’s logistics and transportation network. 

The port was beneficial for the students who are into their third trimester and have read the concepts of International Trade and customs. At visit the students learnt about the daily operations of the port . The officials and custome officers briefed about the functionality of the whole port in ICD. Students came to know how goods are imported and how this functions by considering all types of rules of customs. The visit by followed by the place were all goods are transported through railway tracks.

Students came to know how they are promoting green environment and becoming a part of it. This is done through installation of almost 75% of solar panel all across the port. They are moving from diesel to CNG. They are working in a hybrid mode, almost 50% operations are done through solar energy. 

The visit was interesting and interactive and the session for question and answer was open throughout.