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Samanvay-The HR Club of JIMS Rohini organised the event Equipo Synergia

Team Communication- Focus on Quality and Not Frequency of Communication!

Samanvay-The HR Club organised the event "Equipo Synergia" which is Team Synergy in English, underscoring the goal of creating a cohesive and efficient team. The event was for the PGDM students of JIMS Rohini. It was a Team Based activity where the first round "E- Prueba" was a team quiz based on traditional and contemporary HR themes. The participants contested on comprehending the maximum number of themes given to them within a short timeframe. 

The second round "E-Desafio" was a team based challenge where the participants competed in replicating a sculptor made out of Lego pieces. The focus was on team coordination and interpersonal communication. The activity challenged the participating teams to coordinate with minimum communication and finish the activity within a stipulated time. It was interesting to see how each team had their own unique challenges and ways to handle them. They were evaluated on team communication and proximity to the original design. 

The event saw participation from around 10 teams and finally the top three winners were selected by the event judge, Dr. Neha Shukla. 

Learning outcomes

For the organizing team-
1.Conceptualising an event
3.Team coordination
4.Decision Making

For the Participants-
1.Quality not frequency of communication in a team
2.Decision making
3.Team Coordination
Overall a fun filled event with active participation from students and a great Learning Day for All!