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JIMS Rohini organised a Workshop on Business Research Methodology

Business research is the process of acquiring relevant data regarding various aspect of business through the means of statistical tools and techniques in order to derive useful information and insights that are helpful in the managerial decision processes for a business.

In order to inculcate business research discipline, the PGDM Batch (2022-24) students at JIMS are tasked with conducting business research as part of their curriculum on 27th & 28th Jan 2023.

Business research enables us to gather new knowledge, find opportunities, identify gaps for any given product, service or industry in any market scenario. Thus, it becomes necessary for budding managers to understand the business research processes and methodology to keep up with the pace of changing market landscape. 

Since conducting any business researching is a highly structured and sophisticated process, guidance and mentorship becomes a must. And in order to provide such guidance and mentorship to the students, workshops were conducted on the topic – Identifying the research problem and its feasibility. 

During the 3-hour workshop, the mentors reviewed the research topics which were selected by the students and gauged the feasibility of studying those topics. Students were made to sit with their respective group members and mentor personally guided each group. The students got the required support on refining the area of their research and selecting the topic to conduct research. Further, the students were advised to study existing research papers which are on similar lines to the topics selected by them. They were guided on the way to conduct literature review as well.