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JIMS Rohini oarganised IThink Panel Discussion on "NFTs-A Heap of Virtual Possession"

The IThink Panel organized a Panel Discussion on the topic - ‘NFTs-A Heap of Virtual Possession’ on 18th October 2022, 12 noon onwards in the A Building Auditorium. Final and Second Year BBA Students attended the event as the audience. The 8 panelists and the moderator had a healthy discussion about how NFTs are the future and how it’s going to impact all our lives, its advantages and limitations. They got to establish and flourish skills like public speaking, rigorous research, critical thinking and helped boost their confidence.

Dr. Jyotsna Oswal, Faculty coordinator, IThink Panel organized the whole event and Utkarsh Verma, BBA 3rd year helped with the coordination. After the introduction by Vishesh Gola, The moderator; Utkarsh Verma volunteered to start the discussion on the topic and talked about what NFTs actually are and how they work. Sanya discussed the emergence of NFTs in detail and Adeetya took the discussion further by explaining about Metaverse in detail. Udeshya talked about the various NFTs in the market. Gauri and Sarthak discussed about the advantages and disadvantages in detail. Finally Shaurya summarized the whole discussion and talked about the future scope of the NFTs. The discussion concluded with a question answer round.

The event wrapped up with awarding all the panelists, moderator and the coordinator with mementos and certificates for their participation as well as a vote of thanks to the faculty and the audience.