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JIMS, Rohini Academic Club organised Taboo Talks Competition on less talked topic of our society

Objective of the contest: The primary goal of the event is to create awareness about topics that are less talked in Indian Society

Learning Outcomes:  The participants formed a more positive impression of the Taboo Topics in our Indian society. The event boosted their self confidence and discuss such topics and encourage them to motivate others to talk and discuss the taboo topics of our society. 

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

The Academic Club  organized the Word War event on 19th October 2022. Taboo Talk was basically an event where the participants discussed various taboo topics of our Indian Society, they expressed their opinion on the topics in a very confident way and also discussed the solutions to the various taboo problems faced by the stakeholders in our society. The event was divided into 3 rounds. The first round was ‘Express Me’ round, in this round a common topic 

was given to all participants and they expressed their views individually and at the end a panel discussion was done to bring solution to the problem, the topic for this round was “Sex Education”. The second round was ‘GD Round’, the topic ‘Prostitution’ was given to all participants, all of them expressed their opinions about this taboo and derived the conclusion that the society must address the various issues faced by the sex workers and they support the recent intervention by Supreme Court of India. Issue the directions for recognizing prostitution as a profession and emphasizing that sex workers, like any other professionals, are entitled to dignity and constitutional rights.

PGDM JIMS Rohini, Delhi

The third round was ‘Extempore’ round. Different taboo topics were given to all the participants on random basis by the judges and all the participants expressed their opinion regarding the same. The event was hosted, moderated and coordinated by the Student Coordinators Ritika Singh and Priyanshu Mehta of BCA 2nd Year,2nd Shift. The judges of the event were Dr. Jyotsana Oswal and Ms. Ankita Chopra. The judges followed various parameters like Subject Knowledge, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills & Persuasiveness to assess the participants in different rounds. Following students were distinguished with the positions:

JIMS Rohini Delhi

1st Position : Utkarsh Verma, BBA 3rd Year, 2nd Shift.

2nd Position : Parth Aggarwal, BBA 1st Year, 1st Shift

The event wrapped up with awarding the winners and acknowledging the participants as well a vote of thanks to the faculty and the team.

PGDM-RM JIMS Rohini, Delhi 110085