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JIMS Rohini organized “Investomania”, a special lecture on stock market followed by a mock stock competition

1.To enlighten students about the basic concepts and components of the Stock Market
2.To learn about technical analysis of stock trading
3.To help students in understanding the Candle Sticks Pattern
4.To make students aware about the need of financial literacy

On 30th September 2022, JIMS organized “Investomania”, a special lecture on stock market followed by a mock stock competition. It was a lecture organised for BA Eco 2nd and 3rd year students to provide them the much-needed financial literacy and prompt them towards investing and trading culture.

Resource persons for the workshop were Mr. Pawan Mittal, Ms. Ranjeeta Sharma and Ms. Ekta Mittal. They were welcomed by the faculties with saplings. 

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

The event started by Ms Ranjeeta Sharma who is NISM certified in Mutual Fund Distributors, Commodity Derivatives and Equity derivatives. She has 5 years of experience in Derivative market. She too is an educator and trains CA, CS, ACCA and CMA foundation students under law and audit. In her session, she enlightened the students about the Fundamental Analysis of the Stock Market and explained the rising need for financial literacy these days and how important it is for the youth to be able to invest accurately considering the possible range of economic growth due to the cause. Along with that, she threw some light on the basic concepts of the Stock Market, what all financial instruments are available and are being used and gave a little insight of the Derivative Markets. Her way of explaining and engaging the students amplified the enthusiasm. 

Our next resource person was Mr Pawan Mittal. Mr Mittal started trading after clearing his CA Intermediate in 2011 and has more than 10 years of market experience in stock trading. Owning the Franchise of one of the renowned stock broker company, he handles his own and his client’s portfolios of more than 5 crores. He is also an educator, conducting various classes and webinars on Stock market courses. 

He urged the students to have updated knowledge of the markets in order to invest/ trade efficiently. To promote the agenda, he further explained the key principles of the technical analysis, about the different types of stocks that are available and the ‘when and how’ to buy/sell a respective stock in order to earn profit. “Trend is your friend”, he quotes while explaining the same. The session was further carried with a detailed explanation of the ‘Candle Stick’ pattern that covered the concepts like Elliot Wave Theory, Double Bottom Pattern and Rounding Bottom Pattern which gave the students a new perspective on the trading and investing skill.

Ms Ekta Mittal is a senior Industry analyst, she has worked with renowned research organisations like IDC & WNS Global Services. With almost 6 years of Industry experience in consumer Tech sector, she knows the market inside out for providing actionable insights. After teaching the analysis, she organised a mock stock competition to test the knowledge gained during the workshop. The resource persons assessed the participating students and the top 3 best performing students who were able to earn the highest profits were rewarded.

1st Prize- Devaj Mehta (BA Eco 3rd year)
2nd Prize- Shashank Mittal (BA Eco 2nd year)
3rd Prize- Arpit Ganotra (BA Eco 3rd year)
All winners are awarded certificates of merit. 

PGDM JIMS Rohini, Delhi

The session indeed turned out to be very productive and recreative given how cheerful the students were about the whole pursuit. 

We acknowledge the role of Management of JIMS in supporting us and encouraging us for the skill development of students. We appreciate the efforts of all Faculty and student coordinators for working tirelessly and making it a huge success. 

JIMS Rohini Delhi

Learning Outcomes:  
1.The students learned about basic concepts of the Stock Market, Derivative Markets, and which financial instruments are available and being used in the market.
2.During the lecture, students were encouraged to watch news channels like CNBC to keep abreast with the economic conditions which affect the stock market.
3.The students were encouraged to first start with paper trading to practice trading. 
4.The level of participation and enthusiasm of students increased during the competition where they were asked to earn the highest profits through paper trading using concepts they learnt during the lecture.