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Selling Skills Workshop for PGDM Batch 2013-2015

As a part of Marketing Club activity, a one day selling activity was organized for PGDM students Batch 2013-2015. The objective of the activity was to provide an understanding of paradigm in a selling process and customer’s behavior; enhance selling skills of students and instill a feeling of social responsibility within the students.

The students were divided into a group of 4 each. They were provided with a product range manufactured by the NGOs, to sell in maximum 3 hours.  Every group was given a specific market are where they had to market and sell the products.

The students had to sell the beautiful handcrafted products made by several underprivileged women of the following NGOs.

Society for participatory integrated development (SPID):
It is a national level social development organization that promotes the upliftment of human rights, health and education, age care of the disadvantaged rural and urban communities.

Rang Foundation:
It is a society working towards the goal of women empowerment by providing skills to the underprivileged women and make them employable.

It was a huge learning experience for our students as the activity helped them to understand the customer’s buying process and buying criteria. This activity enabled the students to devise a marketing strategy for correct approach further making them familiar with complex sales and decision making units.

The students thoroughly enjoyed and performed exceptionally well and it was heartening to note that Sec-A of PGDM managed to sell goods (procured from NGOs) to the tune of Rs. 10,000/- in a few hours on a single day.

It was an excellent workshop to practice selling skills for maximizing effectiveness.

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