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JIMS Sector-5, Rohini organised A Session on Strategizing Learning and Development in Dynamic Business Environment

The session was conducted on August 30, 2022, Tuesday from 11:30 am – 1 pm. The session that took place helped students to get a deeper insight in the changing dynamics of learning and development in the current environment.

We welcomed our guest speaker Mr. Tabrez Khan who is an HR and HRSS at MB Informatics India Pvt. Ltd. With his wide experience in public/listed companies as well as privately owned companies helped us to get an insight on how learning and development plays an important role in all the sectors.

The session started on with explaining where actually L&D starts ? He explained that gap identification, dynamic environment and the organizational level requirement all play a significant role in determining the need for L&D. He said that the L&D starts at the inception of the company. He also shared with us the concept of Build and Buy Talent, i.e., at the beginning every organization needs to invest in buying the talent and gradually they can invest in building talent through different training programmes.

Then he also shared about the implementation of L&D in the organizations. This actually comes from the capabilities of an organization which includes People, System and Process. It is examined by the assessment of the talent pool in the organization. Also, he shared that before implementing, it is necessary to assess 2 things : one is “Does Law Allow” and the other is “ Does Policy Allow” and said that it is very important for any HR person to follow the Compliance. Along with this, he shared a                     “T Approach” (Width and Depth), which is advisable to an employee to use in critical situations. Then he also showed an LMS by the name “Saksham”, which can be used by companies to build knowledge of their employees by giving them opportunity to learn through different courses and certifications.

It was an insightful session followed by a Q&A at the end where all students got answers to their questions. He was truly an inspiration and students felt motivated to actually be in this domain and learn more about it.