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Tekqbe- The IT club of JIMS Sector-5, Rohini organised Tech Jitters – an intercollege IT FEST

TEKQBE – The IT Club of JIMS Rohini organized Tech Jitters – an intercollege IT FEST on 21st July 2022


  1. To check the awareness of IT through Quiz
  2. To develop understanding of the coding skills of students through rapid coding event
  3. To check implementation and problem solving skills through code debugging event
  4. To improve analysing skills through Data analysis event


JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

Participating teams in Tech-Jitters:

It was jointly supported by JIMS Rohini and SPICES scheme of AICTE, and Geeks for Geeks. The objective was to inculcate and improve coding skills and problem solving for the students across the board. It was a full day long event with 80 team registrations in IT quiz and participation in other events was also impressive, taking the number to 257. It was well received by all the students. The event was held offline and followed covid protocols and other SOPs.

On the day of event, and 65teams turned up for IT Quiz . The event was opened by Mr. Devesh Lowe, Dr. Praveen Gupta, Ms. Aakansha Chopra (faculty coordinators of IT Club and IT department) and handed over to student coordinators to explain the rules of the event and smooth conduct of the event. Firstly, the key speaker Mr. Sandeep Jain delivered talk on interview preparation roadmap.

After that, IT quiz followed, which had 3 rounds. In first round, the question paper was given to all the teams, for shortlisting top 12 teams for second round. In 3rd round, top 6 teams were shortlisted. All the participating teams participated enthusiastically and many completed the tasks. Many teams got really competitive and towards the end of the event, including tie-breakers. The team responses were considered and independently evaluated by the faculty coordinators. In the end, top 3 teams were announced by the Faculty coordinators. The winners of the event were

  1. Team 1 – from JIMS BCA 2nd year – Saksham Pandey and Rohan Ahuja
  2. Team 2 – from JIMS BCA 2nd year – Gaurav Nailwal and Om Gusan
  3. Team 3- from JIMS BCA 2nd year–Vaishnavi Gautam and Divyash Gemini


The event ended with vote of thanks to all stakeholders. All the students felt that the event was quite interesting, showed great interest and looked for more such events in future.


Learning Outcomes: 

  1. The students were enlightened to understand the IT awareness
  2. programing logic and
  3. How to code and implement the solution with time constraints in competitive environment.

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