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JIMS Rohini FPM Department organized Research Scholar’s Meet

The FPM Department at JIMS, Rohini organized a Research Scholar’s Meet on 30th July’2022 at the campus with the motive to bring all the research scholars under one roof so that they can share their research learnings & experiences with each other. Our research scholar, Ms. Rashika Malik anchored the entire event. The program started with the welcome address by Dr. Pooja Jain, Director, JIMS wherein she shared her Ph.D. experiences and motivated the scholars present there. The guest speaker, Dr. C.S. Sharma, Professor, SRCC, Delhi University was felicitated by Dr. Neelam Dhall, Dean (Research & Development) JIMS. Dr. Sharma delivered a one-hour Research Talk on the topic-‘How to write quality research papers for publication in renowned journals’. During the session, Dr. Sharma apprised the scholars about the various do’s and don’ts of writing a quality research paper. He further shared the essential tips on ‘how to proceed with finalizing a research paper title’, ‘what is the right way to undertake a review of literature’, ‘what must be the basis to select and connect different variables’ with the help of a research paper. He further pointed out that a research paper is overall divided into three parts: introduction of the topic & hypothesis development (50%), methods (20%-25%), and discussion (20%-25%). The session was wonderful and everyone thanked him for such an insightful session. Moving forward, the next activity of the event was ‘Experience Sharing by Senior Research Scholars’. As part of this activity, some of our senior scholars, namely- Mr. Himanshu Goel, Ms. Disha Garg and Ms. Rashika Malik beautifully shared their research experiences in the FPM journey and disseminated their learnings to the junior scholars. 

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

The last activity of the event –‘Quiz & Puzzles’ was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. All the scholars participated in this activity with a lot of enthusiasm. The quiz included several research-based questions, some fun-related riddles, image puzzles, and videos. The way scholars discovered various elements of research in the videos and shared their unique interpretations was quite interesting. At the end of this activity, winners were announced and prizes were distributed amongst the scholars by Dr. Neelam. Thereafter, everyone proceeded for High Tea and Networking and of course some delicious snacks. Towards the end, Dr. Neelam thanked all the research scholars for their active participation in making the event a huge success. Overall, the scholars in the new batch were elated as they not only got the occasion to bond with their seniors, batchmates and faculty guides, but also gained a clear perspective on their research journey ahead.

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JIMS Rohini Delhi

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