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JIMS Sector-5, Rohini organized an open mic competition on the topic Don’t Man Criminate

The Gender Championship Club organised an event ‘ Don’tManCriminate-An open Mic Competition’



  1. To prepare students understand the issues faced by Men in society.
  2. To make them understand how they can achieve Gender Empowerment.

On July 4th, the Gender Championship Club of JIMS Rohini organized an open mic competition on the topic Don’t Man Criminate which was to remind us of the forgotten gender who regardless of the situation are expected to be gentlemen. Gender inequality bugs them as it bugs others. The event was for all the men who have been the victims of the society that tends to forget the struggles of males. Talking about the theme of our event So, in our society there is a preconceived notion that injustice is being done to the female only. It usually never occurs to people that harassment can be done to males as well. But nowadays, cases have come to people’s notice where harassment to males is being done and no justice is given to them because it is been assumed that men are always wrong. Men often get oppressed by the society. There is a gender bias against males in certain cases. The event was an open mic competition in which each participant was shown a video based on the theme of this event discussed before. Participants had to extract the meanings out of the video and speak about it also suggesting some solutions to the issue shown. The participants were called one by one. The time limit was 4-5 mins maximum. The judgement was based on Content, Presentation and communication skills of the participants.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini


Mansi Bisht from BBA SECOND SHIFT

(Men and Makeup)

Rightly said as in every man's heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty. She gave very informative examples that how in Bollywood Industry nowadays we have so many male makeup artists and its everyone’s right to look beautiful the way they want to be it makeup or an accessory.



(Men Don’t Cry)

Said correctly that Emotions cannot be gendered and everyone should be allowed to express

themselves freely without the fear of getting judged. Also gave emphasis on crying for men is

normal, they should never feel ashamed of crying of being called as a girl they should always be encouraged to never keep their emotions to themselves. Won third prize.


PGDM JIMS Rohini, Delhi


(Domestic Violence)

Gave his insightful views on Domestic violence against men which isn't always easy to identify, but it can be a serious threat. He portrayed the situation in a very beautiful manner and won the first prize. He took reference from the videos, the Zomato delivery boy case, is fake feminism real, took up a lot of good examples, rape laws against men, helpline number of men which is 8 digits and also not funded by government.




(Pink is not a gendered colour)

THE WORSE THING A SOCIETY CAN DO IS TO GENDER SPECIFY NOT ONLY CLOTHES, TOYS BUT EVEN A COLOUR. Gave example of baby shower where blue is indicated as boys colour and pink for girls, colour is a form of expression and a man will never become not manly enough if he chooses to wear pink.



(It doesn’t make him a girl)

Housework should never be a gendered role, men should be praised if they are willing to help hands in household chores, they should not be judged, it is norm of a healthy and strong relationship, gave insightful examples of movies, realistic situations where they were assumed not to be masculine enough if they handle the households. And won second prize.



(It’s time to break the silence)

Let’s break it down let’s break the rules that men cannot express cannot seek help at the time when they feel low. why men have to pretend to be strong confident tough even when they don’t feel like why they are always expected to pretend that they don’t have any problems, difficult emotions or conflicts is a façade for them. Gave information about 40+ rights for women but no rights for men, example of a men who was arrested at the age of 23 and released at age of 43 for a false case, a murder of a college student done by his friend was not reported, shared statistics.



(Pretend to be man enough)

Gave his views on how men have to always pretend to be strong, confident, tough even when they don’t feel like. They should be allowed to express their feelings, thoughts and anything they feel like.


Audience Round

There was a special round for audience as well where they were invited to share their thoughts, views any experience they had where, Shubh Goel from BBA First Shift gave his comments on the preconceived notion of male dominated world. Ruchi Dua BBA Fist Shift gave her views and suggestions on how empowerment should be gender neutral and Yamini Garg from BBA second shift said beautiful words on how our society always talks about women empowerment and also felt a need to interact with her father/any male of her family and ask them about how they are and what problems they face but never utter a word about it. An appreciation certificate was also given to the best speaker amongst the audience and was awarded to Yamini Garg. It was indeed an enlightening and insightful event where everyone very precisely and beautifully explained the issues and addressed it with amazing solutions. By this event we look forward to be able to bring a change in the preconceived notions, stereotypes and mindsets of the society. In the end the event was concluded with powerful words to stop man criminating that is to stop discrimination against men and treat them equally.



Learning Outcomes: 

  1. The students learned factors that lead to Man Discrimination in society
  2. Students learnt how to achieve Gender empowerment.

JIMS Rohini Delhi