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JIMS Sector-5, Rohini organised a Guest Session on Start-ups and Entrepreneurship

JIMS Rohini organised a Guest Session on Start-ups and Entrepreneurship on 19th July, 2022, for PGDM/IB/RM students batch 2022-24. This session aimed to ignite the entrepreneurial fire within every student. The Keynote speaker for the event was Mr. Chandrakant Singh, Managing Director of TheLantern.AI which is a Singapore-based start-up helping enterprises expand coverage and business in Asia-Pacific countries (APAC). He is a passionate leader with over two decades of experience in setting up businesses, running sales and marketing in APAC.

He discussed his exciting journey from a young graduate to working with MNCs and now managing his start-up. Mr Singh brought a well-prepared presentation wherein he showcased his learnings in various aspects of life, how his learnings as an employee helped him figure out his start-up and his journey of becoming 'MR.FIX It' in every organisation he worked and how he found roles in companies where he could also fulfil his passion for travelling. He highlighted his entrepreneurial spirit high even while working in multi-national companies where he helped those businesses expand to new verticals and profitably operated them. Mr Singh made this session interactive by continuously taking up all the questions from the students. One can be sure that after this session there was a high level of enthusiasm in every student's heart to bring out there inner entrepreneur.

Overall, it was a knowledge enriching session for the students where they got to interact one on one with an industry expert and got an amazing insight into Startups & Entrepreneurship.