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JIMS Sector-5, Rohini organized A Workshop on goal setting

By setting a goal, an individual is obligated to take action, whatever obstacles may exist. It can enable students to develop critical thinking skills, solve problems more effectively, and understand how to resolve problems. To inculcate this in the students of PGDM

JIMS organized the guest session on goal setting. The session was taken by Mrs. Karuna Joon (Director HR, JLL). Mrs. Joon talked about what goals we have? What is motivation? She elaborated that the motivation factor for people to set the goal and achieve them. Further, she discussed the IKIGAI concept to understand our top talents and to grab the opportunity to make money from our top skills. She also talked about her passion, profession, and how to get life in the right direction and set the right goal

Overall, it was a nice session on doing SMART goals (S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Achievable, R- Realistic, T – Time-Bound) and persevering and be consistent to achieve the goal. She also asked everyone to plan an Elevator pitch that is How to sell yourself and pitch yourself to others. Students frequently interacted by discussing their goals and elevator pitch. The session was very informative and interactive.