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JIMS Sector-5, Rohini organized a workshop on Personal Branding

"Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room." As rightly said by Jeff Bezos, one can't ignore the power a brand holds. To explain this concept of Personal Branding in detail JIMS, Rohini organized a workshop on "Personal Branding" during the orientation week for the new batch of PGDM. The speaker Ms Aarti Sharma is a founder of 360° Image makeover. Ms Aarti Sharma started 360 Degree Image Makeovers with a vision of enabling people to realize their latent exclusivity through a process-driven methodology targeting holistic amelioration of Appearance, Behaviour, and Communication. Since 2012, she has spearheaded the World's First International Life Skills Olympiad, in which students from more than 70 countries participate.


Ms Aarti Sharma started the session by explaining the meaning of personal branding for any individual. Taking a few examples of popular personalities such as Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Popular Bollywood celebrities such as Tapsi Pannu and Lata Mangeshkar, she explained how they have strived for the better and created an identity which can either be loved or hated but can never be forgotten by the masses. She thoroughly explained how a personal brand might help in gaining credibility and repute in the corporate industry and how it will further help the students in their careers.


As a result of the three-hour session and several interactive games, the students had a clear understanding of the personal traits they wanted to popularize and develop into their brand. The session culminated in the students wanting to create an impactful and powerful identity for themselves.