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Eco-Chaupal Panel Discussion on Why is India A Rich Country yet It's Citizens Are Poor.

The BA-Eco Hons organised a Panel Discussion on the topic: “Why is India A Rich Country, yet It's Citizens Are Poor” on 6 June 2022. Students of BA- Eco Hons 1st Year were part of the roundtable.



  • To create a real life understanding of Economics 
  • Learning to discuss economic problems using economic jargon.


Event Summary:


The event started with the felicitation of the guests, DR. NAVNEET JOSHI and MRS. MANSI MADAN. Followed by familiarizing the participants with rules and regulations of the event. The panel was handed over to the first panellist, who discussed Corruption, lack of education, distribution of wealth, population explosion, caste system, mentality, mismanagement as some of the widespread causes of poverty in India. The concluding outcome being that we must avoid the misuse of our resources. The need for conservation of natural resources is extremely urgent and that India needs great political leaders to push the nation in a forward direction. The Productivity of population and how to use human resource for the same must be focused. India must educate every child so that a human resource can be added. The nation must also be equipped with a clear economic vision and a great system in place for its execution. There must be clear distinction between confused theoretical ideologies and clear-cut and result oriented ones. And in order to achieve this all, India must strive to be free from corruption at even the minutest levels to become rich.

Discussion was epilogue to summarize the issue. Further the session was ended with an engaging doubt session of listeners.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

Learning Outcomes: 

Students gained general knowledge and an understanding of interpreting learned economic theories in the practical context as well as gained exposure of public speaking skills.

PGDM JIMS Rohini, Delhi