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Warriors-The Sports Club of JIMS Sector-5 Rohini organised sports event-Tug of war and Arm wrestling.

Objective: To bring the students an enjoyable and sporty day, to bring everyone together and also to promote a good interest towards sports. To provide an environment for physical development of the students. To provide opportunity to the student to showcase their talent in Tug Of war and Arm wrestling.


Attendence: Around 150 students participated.



1.Aryan Thakur

2.Siddharth Goel

3.Samarth kumbha

4.Vaibhav Gupta

5.Naisha Goyal

6.Yash Arora

7.Aswin Arora

8.Sreya Anand


JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

Details: Firstly, the matches were conducted among boys which was pretty energetic and a fair game.  Everyone took the results and decisions very positively. Then there came girl’s turn to play and they played really well. The rules were clearly delivered to the participants in the beginning so that there would be no scope for any chaos. Every participant put all their interest and effort in the event and attended with a lot of enthusiasm. The coordinators handled everything calmly and perfectly which lead the event to a great success.



There were two rounds followed by semifinal and final round in tug of war. Whereas there were quarter finals, semifinals and Final Round in weight category.


Results: TUG OF WAR

Boys:1st Rank:

  1. Yash Arora
  2. Rohan Shokeen
  3. Nikhil Sharma
  4. Anand Pandey
  5. Aman Kumar
  6. Navdeep Sharma


Boys:2nd Rank:

  1. Udayveer
  2. Archit
  3. Pratham
  4. Rajaas
  5. Karan Garg
  6. Manik


Boys:3rd Rank:

  1. Vaibhav Gupta
  2. Ravi Chopra
  3. Saksham Sabharwal
  4. Abhinav Gupta
  5. Piyush Bhardwaj
  6. Kumar Alok Sharma


Girls:1st Rank

  1. Vishaka Agarwal
  2. Disha Malik
  3. Himadri Purohit
  4. Geetika chug
  5. Rishika mittal
  6. Deergha sharma

Girls 2nd Rank:

  1. Muskan khattri
  2. Aleena
  3. Muskan aggrwal


Girls 3rd rank

  1. Jiya Rawal
  2. Mansi Bisht
  3. Neeti Jain
  4. Srishti Chauhan
  5. Naisha Goyal
  6. Sanya Aggarwal
  7. Saare

PGDM JIMS Rohini, Delhi