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JIMS organized the two-day online Management Development Program on Developing Managerial Effectiveness

JIMS organized the two-day online Management Development Program on “Developing Managerial Effectiveness”. It was designed keeping in mind the evolving role of middle-level managers.

The sessions of this program were distributed over two days. The theme for the first day focused on highlighting people skills through developing interpersonal skills. Prof Suneel Keswani‘s session on assertive communication was highly engaging and the participants interacted and discussed their communication-related doubts and shared their personal experiences at the workplace.

Post lunch session by Dr. Pooja Jain was leadership centric, where co-relation between appropriate leadership behavior and group behavior were discussed. Dr. Neha Shukla focused on communication as an essential trait of ineffective leadership. She highlighted the relevance of our Tone and Approach in our communication style and how as effective leaders we should be capable enough to alter the same with respect to each situation. Participants discussed real-life situations and the complexities which might arrive due to certain responses. A self-assessment inventory was also shared with the participants.

On the second day, Dr. Pratima Daipuria engaged the audience with her subject expertise on Emotional Intelligence. She highlighted the different stressors in our work/personal life which might have a negative impact on our health and later on our work performance. Post lunch the session by Prof. SC Kapoor aimed at familiarizing the audience with the details of a conflict, its causes and manifestations at the workplace. The session was interactive and the participants discussed and analyzed the conflict resolution techniques and their impact on our future work life. The next session on Team Effectiveness was fun-filled and activity-oriented which facilitated the participants and helped them understand the relevance of teamwork.

All the sessions were highly engaging and interactive. It was a mix of experiential learning and lecture orientation. Overall it was an enriching and enlightening experience for the participants and the trainers.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini