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IIC, JIMS Rohini organized Session on National Energy Conservation Day

An online session on National Energy Conservation Day was organized by the Institution’s Innovation Council, JIMS Rohini on 14th December, 2021, Tuesday at 11:45 am.

The Resource person, Ajay Jain - Division Head Apollo Tyres, BEE Certified Energy Manager & Auditor, Energy & Environment Enthusiast took the session.

The talk was a full package of insights & Mr. Jain started the discussion by brushing up the basic terms. He told the students about energy, its types, advantages & disadvantages. He then told everyone about the role of Green House effect & concluded the concept by saying that carbon dioxide is beneficial for the environment. He then gave the students a reality check by sharing how important natural sources of energy are. He added that we should not overuse fossil fuels as this will create severe problems for us as well as our environment because if we will keep using fossil fuels with this speed then it will last for only 40 years from now.

The key point here was that 72% of the global GHG emissions is by the energy sector only. He concluded this topic by talking about the characteristics of both weather and climate change.

He talked about some evidences of climate changes and told that there are 30000 monitoring stations worldwide which gives us the data that 2019 was the wettest year and 2020 was the hottest year. He also talked about some of the most talked topics like melting of the glaciers which results in flood and ultimately increase in sea level & global warming which is the main reason behind the devastating changes. If it keeps on increasing then by 2040, we will see droughts, fire in forests and rise in the body temperatures, heavy rains and food scarcity.

He further mentioned the Paris Agreement and that it was the 21st summit where 197 countries participated & agreed for the common objective of limiting global temperature rise not more than 2-degree C. He said it’s the need of the hour to protect the environment by using renewable resources of energy as that will improve efficiency as well. He also highlighted that government is taking many initiatives to save energy like giving gas connections to the poor and introducing New Vehicle Emission Norms influenced by the European Norms. He ended the session by the words that "1 Unit saved is 2 Units generated". These words were said because as an individual as well we are used to waste energy at our workspace and at our home. He made everyone realize this by giving some real-life examples. So, the measures we can take to save resources are use of LED lights, using water tank alarms, Switching off car when in Traffic etc.

The students were completely impressed & motivated by his session which was evident by the Chat Q&A round. Many students got aware about this special day and how they can play a vital role to save energy on their part. It was a mesmerizing session & students will be looking forward for more such sessions.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini