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IIC, Jims Rohini organised Workshop on Prototype/ Process Design and Development - Prototyping

Institution’s Innovation Council, JIMS Rohini Sector-5 organized a workshop on “PROTOTYPE- PROCESS DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT” by, Mr. Neeraj Sarup Sharma, Engineering Manager- Digital Transformation Projects Globallogic Ltd (JIMS ALUMNI 2000-2004) on 21th May 2022.

The guest speaker started the session with the importance of Prototype-design and development model/process.  He further addressed different types of prototypes, prototype cycle, and design process.

He further discuss the two case studies which was about ZEPTO and OLA. How were they started and worked and what were the business model.

At the end, there was an engaging question and answer round and many students also got a view about working in this field. The objective of the session was to make students understand PROTOTYPE-DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT PROCESS. It was a good learning experience. The session turned out to be an interesting session.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini