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IIC, JIMS Rohini organized guest lecture on Achieving Problem – Solution Fit & Product-Market Fit

With over 14 years of experience with leading Indian banks, Mr Shruti Anand is a Banking & Fintech professional. Currently, he works as the head of key accounts at ICICI Bank. Through appropriate product attachments, co-creations, and development, he helps grow Internet-based startups & leading brands in India.

  • He started by explaining the Start-up Curve in which he focused on all phases that an entrepreneur would experience in their entrepreneurial journey.
  • The speaker then described how Mr Bhavesh Agarwal, CEO, OLA, left his well-paid position in Microsoft to become an entrepreneur.
  • Using the story of Mr Bhavesh's entrepreneurial journey, Mr Anand highlighted the importance of Customer Feedback and Customer Insights.
  • Mr Agarwal interviewed people outside the stadium and sought feedback personally from outside the stadium to collect insight and feedback.

He talked about 9 Success Mantras of a successful Startup.

In addition to describing how Mr Bhavesh identified the problems and the solution he came up with, Mr Shruti Anand gave insights into Market Product Fit.

Mr. Anand discussed what businesses to build and how to establish them using a Business Model Canvas from 'Zomato'.

The last aspect that he covered was the measurement of Product-Market Fit (PMF).

He concluded his address by explaining some tools to measure PMF which are listed below:

  1. NPS
  2. Churn Rate
  3. Growth Rate
  4. Market Share
  5. Word of Mouth Spread
  6. Calls from Media


The house was open to question after the discussion. The session taught if a product satisfies a strong market demand, then you have achieved your product/market fit.

JIMS Rohini