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IIC , JIMS organised Expert Talk on Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behaviour Development

Institution's Innovation Council of Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini organised an Expert Talk on Entrepreneurial Skills, Attitude and Behaviour Development on January 22, 2022. The Resource Person for the Expert Talk was Mr. Priyank Verma- Vice President, Corporate and Institutional Banking, YES Bank.

It began with a welcome note by Harshita Garg from PGDM. It was attended by the students of Post-Graduation well as undergraduate courses. The session was based on a detailed information on entrepreneurship laying out the basis to advanced skills and information. The Expert Talk explained in depth to the students the mind-set of the entrepreneurs and the profit-making theory. Discussion on Fintech, Marktech and associated dimensions was a key highlight of the event. Mr. Priyank Verma narrated his own journey to the path of entrepreneur ship laid emphasis on Real Life examples on Entrepreneurship to give the students clarity of the concepts of entrepreneurial skills in depth. He mentioned the importance of innovation in today's fast changing world and highlighted the challenges and opportunities in the way. The session very well explained the technical, entrepreneurial and managerial skills required to adapt to succeed in the today's business environment.

The session was followed by QnA round where the students asked the expert various questions including the burning topics such as the challenges in the way, the fear of taking risk and the influence of newer emerging technology on entrepreneurship etc. Towards the end, it emerged as an interactive session where the students participated in the discussion with great enthusiasm. Ms. Ankita Convener IIC presented a vote of thanks to the speaker for the valuable time and discussion. The event was a great success and was coordinated well under the guidance of Ms. Shalini- Coordinator IIC.

Objective of Activity
To develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial quality, to motivate students for achievement and to enable participants to be independent, capable, promising businessman.

Benefits in terms of learning skills/ knowledge obtained
Students master oral & visual presentation skills & establish a foundation of confidence in the skills necessary to cause others to act.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini