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JIMS Rohini Organized a Discussion Jam

PGDM-International Business organized a discussion jam at JIMS, Rohini on 11 March 2022. The objective of the session was to sensitise the student community about the implications of a geo-political event, a discussion among academia, corporate and students was organised to give them insights about the current war going between Ukraine and Russia.

Dr. Sonia Dhir initiated the discussion by giving students a brief knowledge about the genesis of the Russia Ukraine war and how this war affects the global economy, supply chain and logistics. She focused upon the global macroeconomic impact of the war later narrowing down to its impact on the Indian economy and she also talked about the way forward for India and how it should react to this war so that the relationship of India with other countries will not get affected.

Prof Nitin Dewan talked about how sanctions on Russia from different countries are affecting the economy of Russia and about the fluctuations in Russian currency. He also elaborated upon how the Indian government should react to tackle the rising of crude oil prices because of this war.

Students participated in the discussion given their points of view and pondered over issues like the RBI's reaction to monitor and control inflation because of this war.

Prof. Soumitro Mukherjee, being the moderator of the discussion, asked a few questions to the audience related to this topic to make the discussion jam interactive and interesting. He also talked about how logistics and supply chain got affected because of closing the airspace, increase in transportation cost and the overall price of commodities is going high because of this war. He also shared his insights in relation to the current situation of the financial markets and the future prospects of investments in these markets given the Russia Ukraine war impact on financial markets.

This discussion was thoroughly enjoyed by the students as they got insights about the global economic and political scenario and understood how the global economy really works and the inter-relations between different economies of the world.