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JIMS Rohini PGDM-International Business Department Organised a project presentation

As the markets are becoming more competitive and customers more demanding, the role of the leaders and managers becomes more important and challenging than ever. In today’s competitive and demanding markets, managers acting as a leader also should gain a deeper understanding of all areas. They cannot be confined to just profit making decisions; in fact, they need to broaden their horizons to areas as production, operations, marketing, financial etc.

The PGDM-International Business Department organised a project presentation on 5th April 2022.

Theme: The class was divided into groups & they chose a product/ services on their own. The groups applied the concepts of operations management for their dummy organizations in reference to the products chosen and strategies as an Operations Manager. They were supposed to make a plan (with a feasibility check) for their product in respect to areas like, new product selection, plant location, product scheduling, quality, material management, vendor selection, supply chain etc. and ideas explained during the course. The students have to be clear with their roles only as an operations Manager, not working for any other department as HR/ Marketing/ Finance. Students made presentations on regular basis at the end of every unit. A FINAL PRESENTATION WITH REPORT SUBMISSION was conducted covering all the aspects taught in class. A hidden panel was there on online mode having experts from Delhi University, IIT, Axis Bank, EXL services, Freudenberg Pvt Ltd, NatWest group and many more

The product list included innovative concepts like
Next Gen Helmets, SOS Toys, Facewash Tablets, Reverse E chargers for automobiles, Apna Tailor App, SecGO- Safe storage for general stuff, Fish Eye Projector, Petal Story- Agarbattis and Pillow table stand.

The session was concluded by the faculty mentor Ms Ambika Bhatia Chopra .