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jims organised web it up

JIMS Rohini, organized the web development event named “web it up”on 12th March,2022 (Saturday).The faculty incharge for the same wasMs.Priyanka Gandhi,after that rules regarding competition wereexplained to the participants and four themes were alloted on the spotfrom which participants have to choose their interest keen website.Competition was of about 2 hours,Out of 31 teams 3 teams werechoosen as a winner.It was very good to see that these young minds of BCA first year wereable to put such efforts in implementing their ideas through staticwebsites.Themes for web it up were:1. Incredible India2. Digital India3. E-resources in the field of education4. Sustainable developmentReported teams :Shift 1 (15 teams) and shift 2 (16 teams)Total teams reported were 31The jury was as follows:1) Dr.Latika kharb2) Mr. devesh lowe3) Dr. chetna4) Dr. deepti chopra5) Mr. rajkamalWinners :1st position: Yatin Sharma (BCA,first year shift 1) Himanshu Sharma (BCA,f